Calm + Clean

After a particularly intense session at the gym or in the studio, a total body refresh is just the ticket to get you through the busiest of days. Our favourite (and Fab Fit Fun's) cleansing yoga brand, Cuccio Somatology has a new product that meets every requirement for the most invigorating and relaxing bath time ever. Soothe the senses with Calm + Clean Epsom Salt Hand + Body Wash.

Formulated with finest quality ingredients—lavender oil, shea butter, epsom salts and pro-vitamin b5, the utterly addictive wash cleanses without causing dryness or tightness while the epsom salts ease soreness and work to reinvigorate the body after after a sweat fest or when you need a hit of TLC. Shea butter and pro-vitamin b5 lend moisture and lavender oil washes away stress and alleviates worry. It's the Cuccio Somatology way—mind, body and spirit completely calm, renewed + restored.

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