Some of us at KTB are Pilates addicts (with strength training mixed in), while some of us are long distance runners (Boston 2020!) and still other are complete and utter yoga devotees. Perhaps not surprisingly, there is one thing that we all totally agree on—Cuccio Somatology's Yogahhh! Milk Bath is the BEST post workout treat on the market (so just drop the bowl of ice cream already).

Fitness fanatics of all stripes (really, it's not just for yogis, we promise) deserve a soak in a relaxing bath that calms aching muscles and puts the mind at peace. The beautifully fragrant Yogahhh! Milk is formulated with magnesium—one of the six essential macro-minerals that make up 99% of the body’s mineral content (it helps build bones, enables nerve function, and energy production requires it). Magnesium is also essential to detoxifying the body, loosening stiff joints and relaxing hard working muscles.

Greek mastiha is used here to excellent effect for calm and clarity, but it also helps wounds and skin regenerate, while pure buttermilk assists in nourishing the skin (nothing worse than the parched skin typical after a long, hot dip). Vanilla bean adds to the experience, lending a soothing scent that eases the mind (and makes everything smell delicious).

We are true believers in self-care—Cuccio Somatology's Yogahhh! Milk Bath is an easy and ultra effective way to hydrate and unwind.

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