Carter + Jane Seven Scent Journey Collection 6ml
Carter + Jane Seven Scent Journey Collection 6ml
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Carter + Jane Seven Scent Journey Collection 6ml

Introducing seven organic aromas, seven stories, seven works of love...the Carter + Jane Seven Scent Journey Collection! Each 6 mL organic aroma has an MSRP of $42, but for a limited time we are offering all seven aromas for just $128 (a value of $294). And if you let us know your favourite aroma, we will send you a second complimentary bottle of your signature scent!

We know how important aroma is in helping us remember stories from our past, connecting us to nature, making us feel at home wherever we are, and helping us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. 

Yet most of us wear toxic perfumes that can cause allergies and even endocrine issues...these fragrances are even masking our own ability to literally stop and smell the roses...

Our mission at Carter + Jane is to create products that never harm people, the planet or animals. We are proud of the work that we've done (and will continue to do) in skin care and from the work we've developed a deep understanding of organic essential oils. We've blended our passion for skin care, with our love of natural aromas, into our new line of seven beautiful scent journeys! You'll recognize quite a few of the scents from our current line, but we are also introducing new ingredients into the C+J family. All aromas are handcrafted in the USA and are made of organic essential oils blended with organic grape seed oil.

Ambrosia's Symphony takes you on a journey to the perfect Spring day. You claim your reading spot under a lemon tree, where the air is crisp, and the breeze carries the nearby garden's floral aroma with just a hint of spice that you can't quite place. Your senses are amplified as the aroma awakens you...clears your mind...opens your heart...

Top note: Litsea Cubeba (crisp, lemon citrus), Middle note: Ylang Ylang (floral), Base note: Rosewood (floral/spice)

Ingredients: organic grape seed oil + an organic essential oil blend: litsea cubeba + rosewood + ylang ylang

Angelic Clementine takes you on a journey to a house in the country on a warm summer’s day. You are sitting on the front porch swing and peeling a clementine. You close your eyes, feel the sunshine and summer breeze on your skin, hear children laughingrunning through sprinklers, with dreamsicles in hand, and you are overwhelmed with a feeling of pure joy

Top notes: Grapefruit, ClementineMiddle and base notes: Vanilla

Ingredients: organic grape seed oil + an organic essential oil blend: grapefruit + vanilla CO2 extract + clementine

Beach House takes you on a journey back to a place where your most cherished memories were created…the Beach House. The minute you arriveyou take off running out the door then through the sand, as fast as you can, until the water tickles your toes! And when the sun starts to go down, you walk back, covered in a mixture of sand, sea and lotion. Before entering through the old screen door, you pause…taking it all in, so you never forget this feeling of serenity…

Top note: Coconut, Middle note: Vanilla, Base note: Sandalwood 

Ingredients: organic grape seed oil + an organic essential oil blend: coconut CO2 extract + Australian sandalwood + vanilla CO2 extract

Lavender x Vanilla takes you on a journey home…to a place where the minute you walk in the door, you are overcome with a sense of peace and a place where you dance like no one is watching, enjoy a glass of bubbly because it’s five o’clock somewhere…and you are completely free to just be you

Top note: Lavender, Middle and base notes: Vanilla

Ingredients: organic grape seed oil + an organic essential oil blend: Bulgarian lavender + vanilla CO2 extract

Neroli № 18 takes you on a  journey inside Carter + Jane…to the aroma where it all began. It took us 267 attempts to get this one right…but once we did, we knew we created something special! We had a very specific place in Morocco that inspired this aroma, that we accidentally found while driving in the countryside. We saw a sign to an orange “farm” and restaurant…we  knew we had to stop….and as soon as we did, we knew we had to bottle that unforgettable aroma that floated through the warm Moroccan air. You will find our signature aroma also featured in Carter + Jane’s The Everything Oil™ Body and Cleanser.

Top notes: Neroli, Sweet Orange, Middle notes: Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Base note: Frankincense

Ingredients: organic grape seed oil + an organic essential oil blend: neroli + sweet orange + bergamot + ylang ylang + frankincense

Rose's Rebellion takes you along the journey of a girl named Rose. Rose is a classic beauty and is as elegant as they come. But Rose has a secret…she dreams of the day that she will buy herself a Harley, throw on a leather bomber, and ride off into the Sunset. Don’t let the pearls and pinot fool you…there is a serious rebel inside of our proper Rose…and she’s just waiting for the right moment to set her inner spirit free…

Top note: Rose, Middle and base notes: Frankincense

Ingredients: organic grape seed oil + an organic essential oil blend: Bulgarian rose + frankincense

Sweet Cocoa takes you on a journey to Paris…as you stroll down the cobblestone road, a breeze hits you in just the right way and you inhale the most heavenly mixture of sweet goodness that you’ve ever follow the scent to the tiny corner shop where you are treated to decadent sampling of that goodness…chocolate will never be same…

Top note: Cacao (Chocolate), Middle and base notes: Vanilla

Ingredients: organic grape seed oil + an organic essential oil blend: French cacao + vanilla CO2 extract

How to use:  Apply to your pulse points any time you need a pick-me-up. In several of our formulas, you may see sediment at the bottom. This is normal as we only use organic ingredients; shake as needed.