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Carter + Jane Pour Homme Shave Kit Bundle

The Pour Homme Kit includes: The Everything Oil™ Pour Homme SHAVE + FACE + BODY (120 mL MSRP $72) + Pour Homme Roll-on Cologne (5 mL MSRP $42) + Pour Homme Lux Vegan Shave Brush (MSRP $42) + our custom designed luxurious Carter + Jane Doppler Bag (MSRP $88). 

"To create the perfect aroma blend we thought about the qualities that made us fall in love with our guys, and translated those qualities into the Pour Homme aromatic blend. We translated his strength into earthy, leather and smoky notes, achieved with a combination of Australian and Royal Hawaiian sandalwood, vetiver and sacred frankincense. His rugged side is represented using woodsy and sweet-spicy notes from atlas cedarwood and ho-wood. His sexy side is captured with the musky notes of patchouli and warmth of vanilla conveys his softer side...made with love pour homme." 

The Everything Oil™ Pour Homme SHAVE + FACE + BODY replaces all other shave, face and body skincare in his routine...no need for multiple steps and products...Pour Homme does it all! 

And not only does Pour Homme feature our famous prickly pear seed oil, we also use Sandalwood Seed Oil (different from the essential oil) which has been proven to aid in the protection of the skin by improving elasticity, reducing inflammation, while stimulating blood circulation to give the skin an overall healthier look.