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Carter + Jane The Everything Oil Cleanser 120ml

Based on the principle that ‘like dissolves like’, our organic, plant-based cleansing oil will dissolve excess oil, dirt and make-up, while still nurturing the skin and balancing the production of your own natural oil.

The Everything Oil™ Cleanser Chocolate Rose also uses The Everything Oil™ in the base formula, along with organic sesame seed oil, organic castor bean oil and organic morninga seed oil, to provide a comprehensive cleansing and nourishing experience. The delicious and decadent scent is as pleasing your nose as it is to your skin, and features two antioxidant powerhouses cacao and rose otto essential oil, to completely redefine the way you think about cleansing!

Cacao oil is extracted from the raw, unroasted bean, meaning the oil contains all the nutrients the bean has to offer, unadulterated by heat or other treatment methods, and is especially beneficial, because it works in synergy with other essential oils, enhancing and amplifying their benefits. 

Rose Otto essential oil helps fight free radicals and reduce signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. These antioxidants also help to protect the skin from UV damage. It also helps to regulate moisture levels in the skin, which keeps the skin plump, hydrated and healthy and the astringent properties of rose otto constrict tiny blood vessels, reducing the look of varicose veins and broken capillaries.

Our cleanser does not foam and will feel a little "thicker" than traditional oil cleansers.  It is because of the thicker viscosity of the oil that our product literally pulls makeup and dirt off of your face! Make sure to use the organic cleansing pad included to remove the oil cleanser.

Ingredients: organic sesame seed oil, organic castor bean oil, organic moringa oil, The Everything Oil™ (organic prickly pear seed oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic avocado oil, organic aloe), organic Bulgarian rose essential oil, organic cacao essential oil

*We use in-season and freshly cold-pressed organic oil. Because of this, aroma may vary slightly from bottle to bottle. 

How to Use:

Apply a full dropper directly to dry skin and massage for 1-2 minutes. Remove with our organic bamboo cleansing cloth included. We recommend using our product as your primary make-up remover. *Do not try to remove cleanser with water only...you must use a wash cloth or cleansing cloth.