Cuccio Somatology Yogahhh! Aura Mist Calming Spray 4oz.
$29.95 CAD

Cuccio Somatology Yogahhh! Aura Mist Calming Spray 4oz.

Made With Lavender, Sage, Tea Tree, Rosemary + Orange Oil.


CALMING RITUAL.  The Yogahhh Aura Mist is a natural spray and the perfect way to create a peaceful, balanced and calming environment to work or relax in. 

Say goodbye bad vibes, hello to the new CALM & REFRESHED YOU!  We love this elixir room spray because it's INSTANT CALM.  Bring it in your work bag or keep on your desk for those more stressful deadlines; we have you covered to remind you to take deep inhales & exhales using our Lavender Aura Mist.


Made naturally with essential oils

Set the tone for your day, during a yoga class or for an afternoon moment of “Ahhh"

Quick way to calm your nervous system

Helps create an instantly zen feeling with 1-2 sprays.

HOW TO USE IT: Gently Spray Aura Mist into the air. It can be used as a room spray, on moist towels in a spa setting, in between yoga classes at a studio to find calm or at the end of the day to add to your sleep routine.